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About me

I combine a unique mix of art and science in my designs, being a graduate of the British Academy of Garden Design (Distinction), and a Chartered Psychologist. That means when I consider the design, planting and utilisation of a space, I naturally bring an understanding of their social, wellbeing and regenerative qualities.
I take great pleasure in developing hand-drawn designs for you and enjoy the time it takes for a design to formulate and come to life on the page, and then in your garden. I am based in Hampshire and take some of my inspiration from the landscapes around us. I am originally from the North West and the combination of Lake District and Morecambe Bay still also have a profound impact on my thinking.


I firmly believe that gardens should feel good as well as look good; they should enhance your living space, and your life. I aim to develop your relationship with the outdoors, whether that is a bit of judicious weeding with a glass of wine, or veggie production for the family, group or community.
My philosophy is to make each design all about the people who will live in & use the space; each bringing their own character, likes, dislikes and maybe incorporating a few new likes into the space. Just like plants, everyone needs something different from their garden, so I take the time to get to know what that means to each client.
Garden design is a combination of art and science. My designs consider the use of space and planting, colour, scent and sustainability, combined with the awareness of the social and psychological factors that help a garden (personal, sensory or community) make you feel good when you’re in it, or looking through the window at it.
I take time to get to know my clients, where possible, to be sure the Special Space I develop is just right for you!

Show gardens

Im May 2022 I designed and built a show garden for the Beaulieu Gardeners' World Spring Fair. You can read about the garden by clicking here, and see more details about the garden here. This was rewarded with a Gold, and it was great to hear so many people taking inspiration from the design, planting and lots of people heading out to build their own deadhedge!

This follows success (Gold medal!) working with Shaun Beale of the Leckford estate in the same show last year. 

More recently I had the pleasure of working on the Gold award winning Chelsea garden (Medite Smartply 'Building the Future') with the Sarah Eberle team.